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    CALLING ALL ANIMAL LOVERS! The recent support for Michael Vick, the NFL quarterback who spent 23 months in prison for torturing, drowning, hanging and forcing dogs to fight to their death by Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society of the United States has created quite a stir among animal lovers and those professionals in the animal welfare industry.

    RVAS has rescued, rehabiltated, transported and cared for victims of abuse over the years, both canines, felines, horses and even a Black Bear. We are asking YOU to join us as we walk to PREVENT Neglect, Abuse & Cruelty in our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities, states....our country.

    On September 19, RVAS will be having a dog walk to bring education and awareness on the tragedies these animals are suffering! YOU CAN WALK, a VIRTUAL WALKER. We are challenging ALL animal lovers to step forward and walk for an animal that has been abused...for those who are suffering for life from abuse, and for those who were forced to fight to their find freedom.

    It's's how:

    • Simply create a "fundraising" page at
    • Ask just 10 of your friends, family and co-workers to sponsor you a mere $10.00 EACH!
    • WIN PRIZES! The more you raise, the more you win!
    Most importantly, you will have the proud feeling of saving a life...because you made the choice to stand up, speak out for those who can not speak for themselves!

    A Virtual Walker (VW) is simply a person who can not attend the event in "person", but still wants to support our causes. As a virtual walker you can raise funds and earn prizes even though you can't attend the event..

    We have selected FOUR causes for this event to walk four (or you can create one of your own). Your fundraising efforts will:

    • Help FIGHT Puppy Mills
    • Help PREVENT Neglect, Abuse & Cruelty
    • Help STOP Overpopulation.
    • Help RVAS provide medical care for all of the above, until the companionl is rehabilitated and adopted.

    Simply visit our online fundraising page at There you will be able to register as a virtual walker, create your own webpage, and start raising funds for your cause! It's as easy as 1...2...3:

    1. Select Join a Team or Create a Fundraising Webpage.
    2. When "registering", please select VIRTUAL WALKER (it's free). You then can edit your page, add a photo and caption, set up your personal message and personalize your thank you for those who sponsor or join your efforts.
    3. Watch your funds grow! The more people you share your webpage with, the more money you can raise, the better the prizes.

    We are searching for 100 people to raise $100.00 by September 19, 2009! We appreciate your support, and we want to show it by offering you prizes for individual goals. (Team Captain receives the prize based on the overall amount their team raises).

    Prizes are:
    $100.-00 - Free T-Shirt
    $250.00 - Free T-Shirt and Hat
    $500.00 - Free T-Shirt, Hat & Ceramic Pet Bowl
    $750.00 - Free T-Shirt, Hat, Ceramic Pet Bowl & Mousepad
    $1,000.00 - Zip Hoodie (Sweatshirt) & a SIGG Waterbottle

    RVAS reserves the right to substitute prizes as necessary.

    AND your name will appear on our website as a person who stood up and let their voice be heard for those innocent victims who can't speak for themselves!

    We're here to support you...supporting us. Please feel free to contact us by email or by telephone (515-577-1745).

    Check out our fundraising kit, our brochure and our team packet to help you get the most out of your fundraising efforts!

    Most of all....THANK YOU! Without your help, your support, your kindness and generosity...we wouldn't be able to save lives! Have fun...and we'll see you in cyberspace!


    JOIN A TEAM (Pack)
    To Create a Team, simply click on "JOIN A TEAM" and follow the prompts to register. While creating a team, you will also create YOUR individual fundraising page. If you set up the "team" page you will be the TEAM captain. As Captain, you are eligible for prizes like everyone else, only your prize is determined by the amount raised from the whole TEAM!. The individuals that join your team are also eligible for individual prizes.
    Creating a Fundraising Webpage is for individuals. Simply create this page, set your goal and share on facebook or email your link to all of your friends, families and such. Good Luck!

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