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    We LOVE it when businesses reach out to their community and offer their support. And that is exactly what Stivers Ford Lincoln in Waukee is doing for RVAS!

    For every "LIKE" on Stivers Facebook FAN PAGE, they will donate $1.00 to RVAS. And even better! When all is said and done, they will MATCH the number of donations we receive. That's DOUBLE the "likes"!

    It's such a quick and simple way for an individual to 'give' to the cause! So click on the graphic below, sign in and click LIKE!

    And don't forget to share this with everyone you know. Cut and paste the link in your browser and email it to all of your friends, family and co-workers too. Let's make this go viral!

    Download Flyers here for spreading the word!

    8 x 11.5 Flyer - Great for community boards, attaching to an email, store windows.

    Stuffers - These are 3 up to a page and are perfect for bag stuffers, counter toppers and handouts.

    If you don't use facebook as your social network, you can donate directly to Molly's Fund and be part of the SLF Fundraiser, too. Just give your $1.00 (or any amount you want) by clicking the donate button below.
    Contributions from this cause will go to Molly's Fund, dedicated to helping animals who are victims of abuse, neglect and cruelty. Just a few of the wonderful lives saved are listed below:

    Skipper 'n Tipper SKIPPER 'n TIPPER: Two 3 week old kittens who survived being tossed into a feed bag and thrown into traffic were rescued by the family dog. Their story became internet sensations reaching over one million viewers in just 14 days!

    Dog's chain imbedded in neck...Needed surgery to remove. MOLLY: A German Shepherd rescued from an abusive situation only to be placed in a neglected one! Her collar was so imbedded into her neck it required surgery to be removed.

    Dog set for euthanasia for broken leg SAVED by RVAS DAKOTA: Severly injured inside an animal shelter's walls, the shelter opted for Euthanasia rather than surgery. A group of students fought for her life. RVAS stepped in and paid for the surgery.

    RVAS helps fund Amputation of Dog BEBE: Helping pet owners keep their pets is our main goal. BeBe was tragically hit by a car and needed an amputation to survive. Her owners had fallen on hard times due to the economy downfall. BeBe's owners qualified for our medical assistance fund and BeBe stayed in her home...happy and healthy!


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