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    It is with great pleasure that RVAS is able to announce to all the Skipper 'N Tipper followers that they have found their forever home!

    As you know, the world fell in love with Skipper ‘N Tipper’s story of survival.

    As you can suspect, so did the foster who spent numerous hours caring for them so they could survive.

    We would like to state that our adoption process and thorough screening did not change for Skipper ‘N Tipper despite the whirlwind media frenzy they received. Every applicant was carefully screened and the best match for both companion animal and applicant was selected. As with all adoptions, the foster who cared for and loved these companions then receives first choice and we request they make their final decision on keeping the companion(s) or releasing them to their forever home.

    The "ideal" of rescue intrigues many well intended hearts, but the reality of a responsible rescue can require tremendous time, work and money. Not to mention what the precious lives go through in the process. Here is a brief photo documentation of two kittens that were placed in a feed bag, thrown into oncoming traffic and horrifically survived (the rest of their litter did not). Too young to survive by instinct alone and without their natural mother's help, it becomes necessary for human intervention to save their lives. Read their full story here...
    The "Bag"



    "BAG" Kittens - 1st Feeding   "BAG" Kittens - Safe
    The BAG the 3 week old kittens were placed in before being thrown into oncoming traffic.
    Kerry, the woman who found them, cleaned them up and fed them.
    Bellies full, bathed and warm, Kittens begin to settle down
    "BAG" Kittens - 01   "BAG" Kittens - 02   "BAG" Kittens - 03
    Another frightening and unsettled moment for the kittens while at the vet...but a necessary visit.
    Yet a THIRD transfer, also frightening for them...into their foster home, where they will be given a second chance at life.
    Fed, warm and exhausted they snuggle together with a stuffed bear and catch a few winks.
    "BAG" Kittens - 04   "BAG" Kittens - 01   "BAG" Kittens - 09
    A wee our morning check shows the innocence of these babies. The kittens were fed every 2-3 hours for the first week in rescue to ensure proper nutrition.
    Early Morning Feeding. You can see their wee size in relation to a human hand
    The eyes of innocence
    "BAG" kittens - feeding time   "BAG" Kittens - scared   "BAG" Kittens - snuggle
    Monitoring the food intake and weighing daily is very important to make sure each kitten is eating and growing.
    Brave enough to explore, but very skiddish, this little guy shows how "big" he is when feeling threatened.
    Grateful to the hand that fed him, this little guy cleans himself after his feeding.

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