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    Chocolate Lab Needs Amputation
    BEBE, a female chocolate lab less than one years old, was tragically struck by a car. She now needs your help to provide her the necessary surgery for her to heal and live a normal and healthy life.

    Please read her story below, and give from the heart, so Bebe's life can be saved.

    Follow her updates and view photos below.

    Bebe had a great life. Until tragically she was hit by a car and suffered a severe injury to her left front leg. Despite her owner's efforts to save the leg, Bebe's nerve endings in her leg did not return, and amputation was recommended.

    Thousands of dollars later, the owner found himself without the necessary funding to provide Bebe the necessary surgery she needs to have her leg amputated. Tough economic times have taken it's toll on this family leaving them no options but to surrender their beloved dog. But RVAS focuses on keeping dogs IN their homes, and after careful consideration, a welfare check and background check was done to determine if BeBe and her owners qualify for our medical emergency fund.

    And they do.

    Now RVAS is calling upon animal lovers like yourself to help Bebe stay in her home and receive the necessary amputation of the left front leg, which will enable her to live a normal and healthy life!

    Iowa State University provided the emergency services and is working with our local veterinarian to provide Bebe the very best care a canine can receive in the hopes that she will learn to live with three legs after her amputation.

    Her spirits are good, and this lovely canine companion has the potential to recover and live a normal and healthy life romping with her buddy and remaining in her home if funding can be raised to provide her the necessary surgery.

    Won't you help us, help Bebe? Give today...and help Bebe recover from her accident and receive the surgery she needs.



    To contribute to Bebe's Medical Fund, please click here or mail to:

    PO Box 38
    Boone, IA 50036

    Bebe - Chocolate Lab
    The following individuals and businesses have generously given from their hearts to provide Bebe the surgery she needs. We thank them for their kindness, love and support in helping RVAS save Bebe's life.
    Linda R. Blakely
    Mary Braga
    Ann Bublitz
    Heather & Mark Cassill
    Anita Chastain
    Celia Curry
    Cindy Curry
    Sue Diaz
    Walter & Barbara Dobbins
    Jennifer Elliot
    Regi Gilchrist
    GWP Rescue, Inc.

    The Keller Family
    Andrew Koppenhaver
    Hillary Kruse
    Josephine McIntosh
    Lisa McCarville
    William Mack
    Wendy Marsh
    The Masimore Family
    Sheree Menadue
    Mary Murray
    Performance Media Solutions
    Dave, Kristi, Ben & Tyler Peterson
    Joseph S. Pundzak
    Chad Reedich
    Tiffany Richeson
    Damon Robinson
    Valerie Sandner
    Thad Schriever
    Lisa Sheehy
    Shirley Smajd
    Andrea Smith
    Diane Staudt
    Megan Tooker
    Victoria Van Voorhis
    Ivy Walker
    The Yancy's


    BeBe was spayed and her amputated stub rechecked by the vet. Bebe is recovering well and has been given the all clear to return to normal life. Her owners asked that we share this message with all the people who made her surgery possible, and their ability to keep their beloved companion in her home.

    Dear Linda, We would like to thank you and RVAS for all of your help with BeBe. She was spayed yesterday and returned home today. While a little sore, these past few weeks, she has completely returned to normal, playing with her buddy Spud, and cuddling to all of us. We are so grateful to all of you for helping us with BeBe's injured leg. Jason, Kerri, Paige & Spud!

    Received an update from Bebe's owners with Holiday photos. BeBe is doing great, and is back to her old self, adjusting to her new 3-legged life. Her canine companion, Spud is happy she has returned and BeBe is romping and playing back to normal (photos below). BeBe is set to be spayed at the end of January where she then will be able to reside safely and happy in her home surrounded by her loving family, Jason, Kerri, Paige and Spud!
    12/29/09 BeBe had her staples removed and is doing well. Her stump is healing very nicely and she is ready to romp with her canine buddy. She is scheduled for another followup at the end of January, so check back for more. Thank you to everyone who helped make her surgery possible and for helping us...keep Bebe in her home!
    12/20/09 BeBe is recovering well and is adjusting to three legs. She is able to go outside without assistance and is wanting to play. Her owner is keeping her quiet with controlled activity until the souchers come out which is scheduled for December 23.
    12/16/09 BeBe's medical goal is still necessary to cover the after surgery costs which include the removal of the souchers, as well as, any physical therapy she may require to live a normal and healthy life. RVAS is asking that BeBe's angels continue to spread the word and thank all of those in advance for their generous contributions...keeping BeBe safe in her home instead of surrendered to a shelter, and most likely euthanized.
    12/15/09 Thanks to generous animal lovers, over half of the funding was raised and BeBe had her surgery. The surgery was successful with a full amputation to her left front leg. BeBe is resting comfortably (see photos below). BeBe will have a revisit on Dec. 23rd to make sure she is healing well. Her spirits are good, and she is resting comfortably in her home by her owners side.
    12/14/09 BeBe's assessment was confirmed that her leg will need to be amputated. Surgery was immediately done to avoid infection as the bandage had caused a lesion that was down to the bone on her elbow.
    12/10/09 BeBe will be reassessed by veterinarians to schedule surgery once at least half of the funding is collected.

    BeBe - Chocolate Lab BeBe - Chocolate Lab Chocolate Lab Amputation
    1-6-2010 - BeBe takes a moment and snuggles next to her owner, Jason after a brief romp outside.
    1-1-2010 - BeBe brings in the New Year wtih a new coat to help keep her warm on those quick outings.
    12-25-09 - BeBe takes a moment to pose with her canine buddy Spud over the holidays.
    Chocolate Lab - BeBe Chocolate Lab - BeBe Chocolate Lab - BeBe
    12-15-09 - BeBe recovering from a full amputation of the left leg one day after surgery.
    12-15-09 - BeBe adjusting well to only three legs, this sweet girl takes a little rest.
    12-1-09 - BeBe is to remain as quiet as possible for 3-5 days to allow the stump to heal.
    Chocolate Lab - BeBe Chocolate Lab - BeBe Chocolate Lab - BeBe
    12-1-09 - BeBe lies with housemate awaiting surgery after tragically being struck by a car.
    12-1-09 - BeBe, a beautiful chocolate lab prior to the accident.
    12-1-09 - BeBe rests on couch awaiting surgery



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