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    Dakota, a 4-month old beagle/terrier mix, found herself, like many dogs a cage at a local shelter, waiting for a loving home. But unlike those dogs that find loving homes...Dakota found herself needing emergency surgery.

    Dakota was in her cage at a local shelter waiting to go to her new home. A shelter representative passed her cage with an adult dog who attacked the pup through the crate's bars, pulling her front leg through the crate and breaking the radius and ulna so severely that surgery is required to place a plate and screws to repair the fracture. The cost of the surgery and post-op care is an estimated $2,000.00. The shelter personnel in charge readily admits that the puppy's injuries were the direct result of their negligence and yet, when informed of the estimated cost of surgery and post-operative care,  the shelter management denied medical treatment and opted instead to euthanize her.

    To further compound the situation, Dakota was scheduled to be picked up by her new family. The adopters, who were to take their beloved little new dog home, decided not to proceed with the adoption and assume the cost of her projected medical care.

    Faced with the either/or decision of save the puppy's leg and life or let the shelter's decision to put her down stand, a group of sympathetic individuals stepped forward and called upon other shelters and rescues for help. After an exhausting search wherein several shelters and rescues turned Dakota away...RVAS couldn't.

    Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary & Rescue stepped forward and immediately began the process of getting this dog the surgery she needs. The prognosis is good and Dakota is expected to make a full recovery from her injuries but she will need the surgery immediately before the bone starts to heal improperly.


    Thank you to all the guardian angels that helped Dakota reach her initial surgery goal. Because of your generosity, RVAS and those indivdiuals who stepped forward to save her life, are able to provide Dakota with the ongoing medical expenses she requires.

    Dakota is just one of the thousands of calls RVAS receives per year, asking for our help with neglect, abuse and cruelty cases. Many dogs and cats die in shelters everyday simply because it "costs too much" to provide proper medical care for them...the shelter opting for euthanasia as the alternative to "fixing" the injury.

    If you would like to help us continue our work for these special companions, you can contribute to Dakota's ongoing medical expenses or please consider contributint to "Molly's Fund", which was created and is dedicated to cases like Dakota's, along with other neglect, cruetly, abuse cases, such as puppy mill seizures, animal control impounds to name a few.

    Follow Dakota's progress, view photos and visit the list of Guardian Angels who were just a few of the many individuals, groups and organizations that came together to save one dog's life.

    The following individuals and groups have generously given from their hearts to give Dakota a second chance. We thank them for their kindness, love and support in helping our efforts to provide Dakota the surgery she needs to live a happy and normal life.
    Jana Benitez
    Robbie Benson
    Shannon Benson
    Gregory Black
    Linda R. Blakely
    Greet Abbink-Burgers
    Jacquelyne Cassada
    Craig Cerelli
    Jean Coleman
    Cindy Curry
    Martin Dobbins
    Barbara Dobbins & Goldie
    Walter Dobbins
    David Downs
    Missy Fleck
    Jenifer Freilich
    Regi Gilchrist
    GWP Rescue, Inc.

    Elaine Gorea
    Sue Greenlee
    Jim & Kathryn Groves
    Tammy Hartwig
    Charlotte Hasenauer
    Kelly Henry
    Mary Ellen Hogan
    Karole Pearce Company
    Don Kastuk
    Dr. Akiko Koshino
    Cynthia Kunitsugu
    Philip LeGrand
    Linda Lewiston
    The Petit Family
    Magic Star Productions
    Martha Mangan
    The Masimore Family
    Kira Mellups

    Daniel Melvold
    Kimberly Minthorn
    Monkey Face Productions
    Kathleen Mueller
    Mary Murray
    Traci Musso
    John Patterson
    Performance Media Solutions
    Helena Poist
    Richard & Colleen Preci
    Joseph S. Pundzak
    Stan & Melinda Rankins
    Shannon Rudolph
    Ellen Schwartz
    WM D Stanek
    Denise Van Heuveln
    Jill Vega
    Kendra Ward
    Jenice Whisenand

    4/10/09 Dakota has only two pins remaining (two were removed) and is healing very nicely. Her wound is completely healed as well. It is believed that this little lady was returned to the shelter once prior to her accident for lack of socialization skills but that behavior is being corrected. Dakota is turning out to be a lovely and beautiful little girl. Updated photos coming soon!
    Dakota's bite wounds are almost comletely healed. Lucky for Dakota no infection set in complicating her leg wound. She is able to stand on her leg, and being all puppy, appears to function normally despite her awkward looking bandage. See new photos by clicking here
    Dakota is healing nicely and is becoming more and more active with her new leg. This little gal is becoming more and more social and showing everyone a grateful side of why her life was spared.
    3/17/09 Dakota is doing well. Her wound is healing nicely and her socialization is coming along well also. She is taking steps on her leg and appears to be in limited, if any pain.
    Dakota is being released today from ICU. She still has recovery and therapy to ensue, and will continue to be on antibiotics to prevent infection from the open wound, but she is already placed a little bit of weight on her leg. Her financial goal has "not" been reached as of yet, but we know people will continue to give from the heart to help fund her recovery. We'll keep you updated on her progress.
    Dakota pulled through surgery fine. Her fracture looks good and will heal well. The puncture wound is still a concern for infection, but so far looks good. Dakota will remain in ICU overnight, and will be assessed tomorrow. More to come...
    Dakota scheduled for surgery in the afternoon.
    Funding begins to provide Dakota with immediate surgery.


    Many people are responsible for saving Dakota's life, including those who stepped forward to save her from euthanasia, to all the wonderful contributors who helped fund her surgery! RVAS is proud to share Dakota's progress until Dakota is given the "all-clear" to run free, happy and healthy on her newly healed leg!
    Dakota's First Photos after Surgery - 3.21.09
    Dakota sits & poses for Camera
    Dakota enjoys a sunny afternoon
    Dakota shows off her dressing




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