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    Kitten - Webster - Broken Leg

    On Friday, September 25, 2009 Little Ziggy, a 6 week old kitten plummeted to the ground, breaking his leg. Funds for his surgery were collected, but Ziggy's rehabilitation needs and expenses are not over. He is, however, expected to make a full recovery and live a normal, healthy life, once his leg heals.
    Won't you help Little Ziggy?

    Ordinarily, Saturday afternoons provide us an opportunity to wind down from a week of seemingly endless phone calls from owners wanting to surrender their pets as we answer the call to adopters who want a companion to share their life with. For sure, there are times when it seems like every ring of the phone signals another crisis and this past week was certainly no exception.

    As we answered the phone, it was immediately apparent that this caller was shaken and obviously in distress.The night before, his 6 week old kitten had climbed up some curtains which proved to be too high and fell backwards, landing on a hard surface floor. In an effort to catch the little kitten he was stepped on, breaking his leg. The caller explained that within minutes he noticed him limping and as the evening progressed, the kitten appeared to be in considerable pain, dragging his back leg and crying. Recognizing the kitten needed immediate medical attention, the owner contacted his vet only to hear the standard after- hours recorded message. "If this is an emergency... please call..." so, he loaded the suffering little kitten up and headed for the animal emergency clinic in Des Moines.

    That evening, as Iowa Veterinary Specialties assessed the kitten, x-rays determined that the little guy's leg was severely broken and would require surgery. However, if there was any good news it was that the break was a clean fracture and that with immediate surgery, this tiny kitten could still live a full and healthy life. The bad news was that the estimated expenses for the surgery and subsequent medical treatment and rehabilitation were estimated to be at least $1,500.00, far beyond the owner's ability to pay. Sadly, the only other affordable option offered was euthanasia which the owner refused and returned home kitten in hand.


    The following morning, the owner began making calls to local animal shelters for help. Out of options and with his heart breaking from watching his kitten suffer, he was willing to relinquish the kitten to any shelter or person who could help him, pleading with everyone not to destroy this little life that had just begun.

    Listening to his frustration from being told again and again, “Sorry there’s nothing we can do...” even we were unprepared for what he told us next. After contacting a well known "special needs," no-kill shelter and explaining his situation, their only response was, “We're full. You might call Raccoon Valley."  Obviously beside himself, all the while the caller was fighting for self-control and begging for help, we could hear the kitten crying in the background. On this beautiful Saturday afternoon, we were his last call and the kitten’s last chance.

    RVAS volunteers quickly answered the call with Mindy Rankins and Sandy Poundstone coordinating pick up and foster care until Monday. Given the name, ‘Little Webster ’ the terribly hurt little kitten was immediately assessed and the determination was made to get him back to the emergency clinic immediately where he could be given medical treatment to rest comfortably until such time surgery could be performed.

    The staff at Iowa Veterinary Specialties was relieved to see Little Webster again and thanked RVAS for stepping in to help. The surgery was set for Monday, and Little Webster pulled through like a charm. The next challenge:? To keep him on minimal movement (no climbing, no jumping, no inclines, no wrestling) for 2 weeks. So Little Webster went immediately to a 24-hour watch foster care, where playtime consisted of a coiled pip cleaner wrapped around a pencil. He played for hours without moving the majority of his body. After two weeks, Little Webster was given the all clear to become a kitten with increased activity and play, including therapy on stairs. His living space was increasedre and he was renamed Ziggy as he would zig-zag around his fellow felines and in and out of kitty houses.

    At 16 weeks, Ziggy still has a slight limp, and a little bit of muscle atrophe, but overall doing very well. His recent vet visit was positive, and Ziggy was given the go ahead to be adopted. He is waiting for that perfect home.

    Lessons learned: Being a first time pet owner, Ziggy's human owner had no idea something like this could happen and was totally unprepared. Kittens are notorious for getting themselves into trouble when not watched as they discover the world around them. It is the exact reason we screen applicants so carefullyl with our adoption placements. The problem is, when something of this magnitude does happen... shelters need to step forward and help find a solution. In Ziggy's case...RVAS provided medical care and soon a permanent loving home.
    It's times like these when you often see the human spirit come through. If the public doesn't reach inside their pockets for one case, then funding for other animals suffer...and they die. We have always been able to count on our supporters and animal lovers for help to save lives. This is the second case in three months that we've been asked to intervene with a high cost medical case, because local shelters turned away an animal in medical distress when its' owners reached out for help.

    Ziggy was were there to help. No animal should die for lack of funding. Won't you continue helping them? Contribute today so that we are prepared to help another furry companion just like Ziggy in the future.

    If you can foster Little Ziggy please contact 515.577.1745 or email
    To contribute to Little Ziggy's Medical Fund, please click here or mail to:

    RVAS, PO Box 38, Boone, IA 50036

    Kitten - No-Kill - Webster
    The following individuals and businesses have generously given from their hearts to give Little Ziggy a second chance. We thank them for their kindness, love and support in helping our efforts to provide Ziggy the surgery he needs to live a happy and normal life.
    Traci Austin
    Marianne Barr
    Yvonne Beasley
    Dorothy Braak
    Charlotte Brenton
    Marian Brenton
    Linda R. Blakely
    Sara Boutros
    Jacob Boyd
    Marion & Cathy Butcher
    Jackie Cassada
    Anita Chastain
    Anthony Clifton
    Leah F. Cole
    Cindy Curry
    Gloria Cutrone
    Erin Darrow
    Sue Diaz
    Barbara Dobbins
    Jessica Durand
    Joleen Fasbender
    Judith Fraser
    Jennifer Geist

    Sean Goding
    Nancy Harbart
    Doris Hartley
    Tammy Hartwig
    Lori Helton
    Kelly Henry
    Frank & Jill Hilton
    Brian Hutzell
    Iowa Veterinary Specialists
    Rae James
    Charles Janson
    Patricia Jepsen
    Susan Kappelman
    Amy Kern
    Bruce & Jackie Kuehl
    Nancy Lunn
    The Masimore Family
    Debra Kroll Meyer
    Trevor Meyer
    Linda Myers
    Jan & Steve Oldfield
    Jim Olson

    Performance Media Solutions Nicky Rae
    Amanda Rasmusson
    Sandra & Kent Renegar
    Amanda Robinson
    Damon & Faith Robinson
    Levi & Jackie Rosol
    Gloria Routt
    Valerie Sandner
    William Schocke
    Jane Scieszinski
    William Schocke
    Cindy Schultz
    Susan Scottt
    Carolyn Stidwell
    Anne Taschetta
    Megan Tooker
    Jill Vega
    Victoria Van Voorhis
    Dr. Stanley Wagner, DVM, MS
    Ivy Walker
    Kendra Ward
    Jennifer Young

    8/23/2011 Ziggy's foster family has decided to add him to their family permanently. His greatest triumph is his feline intervention with a feral mother cat, who, in turn took Ziggy under her wings when her kittens were weened and adopted. They are now playmates and because of Ziggy's fearless personality, the feral mother is now integrated into a multi cat household. The foster family feels that Ziggy is responsible for bringing the feral mother around to a domesticated state and therefore has chosen not to separate them at this time.
    12/15/09 Ziggy's playfulness has brought a semi-feral mother cat into a human social world. Ziggy is successfully rehabilitating Baby, a feral cat that had four kittens, all of whom were adopted. Baby adores Ziggy, and the two romp, tumble and play about while Baby becomes more and more socialized with the rest of her foster home.
    11/15/09 Ziggy continues to do well. Now weighing just about 4 lbs. Ziggy is ready for his first set of vaccinations and his forever home. Progress is still being made, and his leg continues to heal well.
    10/30/09 Little Webster, renamed Ziggy is doing well. He zigs zags around his foster home and his limp is lessening. A return trip to the vet shows a little bit of muscle atrophe, but nothing he is too concerned about. Some stair climbing and playtime that allows him to "leap" and push off with that leg will help rebuild the muscles..
    10/15/09 Little Webster had his 2 week check up and received a good report. He has been given the approval to expand his play space, which now includes a full room. He will be given ramps and pet steps to increase the use of his leg, but still is not allowed to "jump" from high places. Aging him has been difficult, but the veterinarian feels that he was a mere 4-5 weeks when he entered our care. He is growing quickly, eating well, and definitely full of play. Webster is now being placed up for adoption, but will be allowed to go to his new home once he is given the all clear from his doctors. He has stolen the heart of the entire staff of Iowa Veterinary Specialities, as well as all of us at RVAS.
    10/7/09 Webster has finally settled into the routine of the foster, sleeping through the night or playing by himself instead of crying when he awakes. He is very social, and LOVES being held. He loves being carried throughout the house exploring every room in the safety of his foster's arms. He is beginning to use his leg, bearing weight slightly. His disposition is excellent, and he is going to make someone a very wonderful companion once his leg is healed. His eyes have changed from blue to light green...we believe they are still changing.
    10/6/09 Webster's energy is increasing daily. He is now staying awake and wanting to play alot more, and is placing a bit of weight on his foot. He still has a limp, and his hip is a bit crooked as he has not placed all of his weight on this leg as of yet. He has met many "new" friends, some feline, some canine...and while there has been a bit of hisses and spits, his favorite feline friend is Peachka...who watches his kennel when he's sleeping. He will be returning for his two week checkup on the 12th.
    10/3/09 Webster has begun to groom himself, eat dry food more regularly and is now reaching out for human connection. More playful, this little guy is recovering well, but is becoming more resistent to confinement as his curiousity is wanting him to explore outside his boundaries. He is going to require 3-4 weeks more of therapy, as well as, more medical services. This little kitty is definitely showing he is worth every penny generously donated for his he is a charmer!
    10/2/09 Little Webster continues to thrive and is becoming more and more alert each day. Playtime is lasting a little longer and nap times are lessening. Webster has met all of the other felines and canines in his foster home, and enjoys the company of one particular kitty...Peachka. He is becoming a bit more vocal when he wants attention. All in all, we are making improvements. We can't wait to revisit the doctor and see how the leg is healing next week.
    10/1/09 Webster continues to make progress everyday. Eating on his own this evening, Webster is transition from canned food to dry food. More playful, but still very limited in what he should do, he remains confined on a flat surface. Webster is becoming more playful, and alert for longer periods of time.
    9/30/09 Webster sleeps alot but is eating well. A tad bit of playfulness came through this afternoon, but is resting comfortably in a large playpen. Webster has met the family felines and canines through his playpen, and feels comforted by "mother" Peachka who sits close by his cage. He is still in pain meds, and loves his heating pad. He does show signs of discomfort at times, but overall is doing well. He still favors his leg quite a bit, but will remain isolated with minimal movement for 2 more weeks.
    9/29/09 Little Webster had a bit of a rough night, crying periodically from pain. Pain medication offered him some relief, and once his belly was full, he nodded off to sleep. His eyes are just turning colors, so they are half blue and half green. When awake, he wants out and it will be difficult to keep him isolated for 2 weeks, as he just wants to interact with other animals and humans. A very social little kitty, he's feisty, but some of this could be pain related. He is in a large dog pet taxi, as he is not allowed to climb, run, play or jump for 2 weeks. The challenge will be to entertain him without having him move around alot. He is eating about every 4-6 hours, and rests comfortably in between.
    9/29/09 Funding is still needed to reach goal. Surgery's such as these tap into medical budgets, preventing other animals to receive medical care and/or RVAS services. RVAS asks everyone who visits this site to please crosspost Webster's needs and or contribute to help us continue to save lives!
    9/29/09 Webster's surgery was successful. His leg is fused together and he will require complete isolation with minimal movement for 2 weeks. He enters short-term foster this evening where he will have 24 hour care.
    9/28/09 Funding begins for Webster's Surgery. He rests comfortable at the Emergency Clinic.
    Webster is resting comfortably in the Emergency Clinic waiting for funding for surgery.


    Little Ziggy was taken to the Emergency Clinic on Saturday and is given pain medication until surgery can be peformed. RVAS is in need of raising half of the funding to get this little guy's surgery started. Capture his progress by viewing photos below.
    Webster - Kitten
    Webster - Kitten
    Webster - kitten - adopt
    9-26-09 - Little Webster waits
    9-26--09 - Webster's leg broken, he awaits surgery
    9-27-09 - Little Webster is assessed by Iowa Veterinary Specialties .
    Kitten - Broken Leg - Webster Webster - Kitten - Broken Leg Webster - Broken Leg - Kitten
    9-29-09 - Dr. Wagner entered through hip to repair leg.
    9-29-09 - Webster collapses from exhaustion at Foster Home. He will be monitored 24 hours a day.
    9-29-09 - Webster recovering from surgery
    Webster awakens Webster Hiding Webster Alert
    9-30-09 - Webster a bit more alert in the AM but still groggy.
    9-30-09 - Webster settles on a lap for a nap.
    9-30-09 - Webster meets some feline and canine friends.
    Webster Playful Webster Snuggling Webster's Surgery
    10-1-09 - Webster eats some high calorie food from finger.
    10-1-09 - Webster loves his snuggle mouse
    10-1-09 - Webster's surgery visible while he sleeps
    Kitten - Webster Webster - Kitten Webster - Kitten
    10-3-09 - Webster begins self grooming.
    10-3-09 - Webster plays alone with interactive toys.
    10-3-09 - Webster snuggles down inside his "chosen" blanket.
    Webster in Sunbeam Webster snuggled down for a nap Webster resting
    10-5-09 - Despite being confined to the floor, Webster notices a bird in the window while basking in the sun.
    10-6-09 - All snuggled in for a nap, fluffy warm.
    10-7-09 - Despite his playful demeanor, Webster still tires easily and loves a warm lap to rest in.
    Ziggy - Kitten Kitten - Ziggy Kitten - Ziggy
    12-1-09 - Ziggy continues to improve. In this photo he is ready for the attack with a feline playmate.
    12-1-09 - Ziggy pounces on playmate Peachka, pushing off with his rear legs building muscle tone.
    12-1-09 - Ziggy & Peachka play. Ziggy's rear leg is healing well, and playtime, stairs and leaping are good for building muscle tone.
    A Feline Rescue Story - Ziggy
    A Feline Rescue Story - Ziggy Zoom
    A feline Rescue Story - Ziggy Zoom
    7-7-2010 - Ziggy's favorite game is to run the full length of the house, take a giant leap and plaster himself against the screen like velcro. The fosters don't enjoy this game as much as Ziggy does!
    7-7-2010 - Ziggy's facial expression says it all, despite the fosters repeated requests to "get down"!
    8-25-2011 - After 2 years of recovery and virtually no inquiries on this great feline, Ziggy's foster family decided it would be too cruel to remove him from his home now. He's officially adopted!




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